Virtual Classroom

Download the virtual classroom ClassIn

We deliver our classes in the virtual classroom software ClassIn. Please follow the link for download: https://www.classin.com/en/download.html Once in their website, choose one of the green buttons depending the Operating System or the device where you want receive your lessons. Downloading the App and installing it is easy, but we still recommend you keep in mind the following considerations: 1. As a student, the App is completely free. 2. It works on any device, but we recommend a computer or tablet. 3. The account you create on ClassIn must be registered using a phone number. Please ensure it is the same as the contact phone number you provided on your StarTalki sign up form. 4. The classes you book will be confirmed via e-mail and shortly after will appear on your Classin homepage and calendar. If not, please contact us for more information. 5. If you need any additional information or have difficulties when downloading Classin, send an email to classes@startalki.com.